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Joe South is an eighteen year old rapper/songwriter based out of the Bay Area. He has been making music since 2016. Scroll down to check out The interview with Joe south.
Don’t be afraid to jump off the deep end! You’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t try. Your dreams will always seem crazy until you achieve - Joe $outh
TC: talk us through your songwriting process, what was the initiative behind creating your own music? $OUTH: My song writing process is nothing crazy but i have a few quirks that need to be in line in order to get my thoughts out. Salty snacks are a MUST. Cheez-its and Veggie Straws are essential. I typically start by giving myself a story to tell or an overall message. I sporadically write all my thoughts out in my notes and then later sort them out, creating rhyme schemes and interesting wordplay. What drove me to make my own music in early 2016 was my admiration for rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Nas. The way they told vivid stories of their past gave me a sense of belonging in my situation.
Joe has released a total of six singles on Spotify, but you can find more of his music on soundcloud and Apple Music.
TC: What’s the purpose for you creating music? $OUTH : I make music to show people that you don’t have to “fit the mold” to be successful, and that your wildest goals are more achievable than you might give yourself credit for. This goes for everybody, but especially for young creatives trying to find their way.
“Forever us” EP
“Sunshine” single
“Automatic” single
South is planning to release new projects in the coming months. “Be ready for more music, more videos and a whole lot of self expression!”