Anna Shumate dives into fashion and philanthropy

by Alexia Hill

photos by Krissy Saleh

Starting out on TikTok lip syncing and dancing to trending audios to now making it on magazine covers and working with charities, Anna Shumate will be one of the greats to remember on and off of social media.

Most widely known by her TikTok handle ''annabananaxdddd'' Shumate has amassed a following of more than 12 million since 2019 and continues to grow. In addition to making TikToks that feel like a best friend is FaceTiming you, Shumate streams video games on Twitch, films vlogs for YouTube and much more.

“It's crazy weird, because, I mean, I just started making videos for fun. I was just like a girl from a small island hometown just doing whatever,” Shumate said. “And now I'm in the public eye, and people know me everywhere I go. I'm not used to this, like, I'm just me. I still feel just like me. But people know me now.”

Shumate is a woman of many trades and fiery passions, including photography, traveling, staying active, spending time with loved ones and, more recently, taking action on her interest in fashion. She explained that fashion has always been a major part of her life, but that she never fully took the time to dive into it when she lived in her small town of Grosse Ile, Michigan.

“My mom always said, ‘you’re a little fashionista,’ like ‘a little stylist’'s super fun seeing how far it's come,” Shumate said. “Like, I still have a little bit of old me in the new fashion things that I've been trying out. It's super fun, just like being true to yourself and wearing what you want.”

Anyone can tell just from a quick scroll through Shumate’s Instagram that her style varies day to day, but never fails to look put together and timeless. Switching it up from sporty to baggy streetwear to knit sweaters paired perfectly with accessories and denim, she makes every look work in her favor. She described that her style is very much an amalgamation of her personality, and that she is inspired by everyone she sees, even strangers on the street.

As Shumate’s style elevates, so does her celebrity status. This led to a collaboration with global fashion house, Coach. This is a brand Shumate has always loved. In a video with Refinery29 months prior to her collaboration, she raved about a Snoopy Coach purse that was gifted to her as a child, illustrating what a full circle moment this is for her.

“It's such an unreal experience,” Shumate said. “Like, it doesn't make sense from getting that Snoopy Coach purse from my uncle and just having it for years, it feels like actually working with them is just crazy.”

The collaboration began in April, when she was styled by Coach for Coachella. Sporting a black, loose oversized knit sweater with baggy denim shorts and platform Doc Martens one day, and then a pink overcoat and Coach cross-body bag the next, Shumate was dressed to impress.

“I love working with them,” Shumate said. “The people that work there and the people that we get to talk to, they're amazing, like the sweetest people ever. It's like, ‘how did I get this opportunity?’ I feel blessed.”

Their work together continued into one of the biggest fashion events in the world, New York Fashion Week. Again, Shumate was dressed to the nines and styled by Coach when she attended their SS23 runway show. She wore all-black attire with a salmon mini purse, topped with an asymmetric spiked updo to pull it all together. The show was at Park Avenue Armory and Shumate expressed that it was unlike any other show she’s been to.

“Truly, it was a great experience and Lil Nas X closed for it,” Shumate said. “It was just amazing. The clothes were so cool too. Like, I love that style that they did the show with.”

However, becoming a fashion icon and being a part of the Coach Collective isn’t all that Shumate has been up to lately. The multi-faceted influencer also has projects in the works with nonprofit organizations: The Trevor Project, Girls on the Run, and the Children’s Health Fund. Shumate has known about nonprofits like The Trevor Project since high school, but feels her social media platforms now provide her a larger vehicle for change than she had years ago.

“So with these nonprofits, it’s going toward LGBTQ+ youth, girl empowerment, behavioral and social, and all this stuff. Really just like youth developing, I think that is a very big thing,” Shumate said. “And with my audience being a lot of younger girls, I just really am trying to make a difference where I can and help people where I can.”

Shumate mentioned hoping to work with End Overdose in the future as well, a nonprofit that works to end drug-related overdose deaths and spread awareness of the ongoing opioid crisis.

Despite all of the different avenues that Shumate finds herself pursuing, it’s clear this 20-year-old can’t be tamed. She is inviting and inclusive of everyone she meets, and immediately makes it feel like you’ve known each other forever. Living in her most authentic self isn’t just a buzzword or phrase for her — it’s a mantra to make the most of her life.

“Let's not think about that and not drive myself to go insane thinking, ‘what am I doing with myself?’ but just be like, ‘OK, I'm going to let life do its thing and take me wherever it takes me,’” Shumate said.

Her excitement and dedication to make all of these different dreams come alive is inspiring, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for the influencer.