Daniel Caesar’s ‘Almost Enough: The Intimate Sessions’ Tour Review

On April 6, at The Belasco in Downtown Los Angeles, Daniel Caesar performed for an intimate crowd to kick off his pre-tour and brand new album, “NEVER ENOUGH.” Caesar announced that he would be doing a mini tour, “Almost Enough: The Intimate Sessions,” to sing for “a select few fans that have really been here since the beginning.”

Around both corners of The Belasco were long lines of dedicated fans who stood out in the cold waiting to see their favorite artist. For the first time ever, as this show marked the start of The Intimate Sessions, fans were gifted with hearing Caesar perform his new album live. Despite the crowd not knowing any of the songs, they were grateful to be there.

The Belasco was incredibly breathtaking with a domed ceiling and multi-tiered balcony. The entire room was general admission with most of the crowd on the floor. Some fans resided in the back balcony with side balconies reserved for Caesar’s guests.

The crowd was teased repeatedly as the venue’s lights would turn off, causing the whole room to burst in excitement. One time, the mic stand was put up on stage with a bright light shining down on it, leading people to believe that the show was about to begin. Caesar finally came out around 9:15 p.m. and the crowd went wild screaming his name.

Caesar opened with the song, “Ocho Rios,” the first track off of his new album. Despite not knowing any lyrics, the crowd couldn’t have been happier to hear Caesar’s new songs.

The set list consisted of the new album in order. There are a handful of features on the album including Omar Apollo and Ty Dolla $ign. Murmurs spread in the audience on whether or not Caesar would bring out a special guest. Although he never did, he was amazing anyway.

It seemed as if half of the crowd was made up of couples, swaying in each other’s arms to Caesar’s love songs. There were even a few FaceTimes for fans who could not make it to the show.

The entire show was mellow in the best way possible. Because no one knew the lyrics, the crowd mostly stood and swayed with Caesar's voice and melody. There were a lot of head nods throughout the night.

Caesar finished the show with the last song off the album, “Unstoppable,” but fans demanded that he come back on stage. And he did. Fans were screaming requests, with “Japanese Denim” being the most popular. However, Caesar told everyone that he did not have the proper instruments or equipment for certain songs that were being requested. One fan begged for him to sing “Violet” and he did. Caesar hesitated at first as it had been a long time since he had performed it, but he sang it beautifully and was accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

He performed the first two songs from his 2017 album, “Freudian,” which are “Get You” and “Best Part.” Both these songs feature verses from other singers, so rather than singing them, Caesar pointed his mic to the crowd. The fans did not hesitate as they knew the songs word-for-word. They actually sounded really nice, almost like a choir.

Caesar spoke about his gratefulness for the fans who made it out to the show. He thanked everyone for coming despite not knowing the music quite yet. In return, the crowd screamed and cheered for Caesar.

The show really was intimate as it was essentially a live listening party. I feel special that I was able to attend and hear these songs live for the first time.

“Almost Enough: The Intimate Sessions” has five remaining shows before Caesar kicks off his real tour, which is to be announced. “NEVER ENOUGH” is out now.