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Sloan struble, other wise know as Dayglow’s lead singer/guitarist is an 18 year old song writing, music producing magician. Struble is based in a small city in Texas, which doesn’t have much of a Create community. “ I write and make music in my bedroom” He mentions.

TC: When did you start getting into music?

STRUBLE: I can remember one time when my older brother was showing me some 2000’s punk albums on his portable CD player, and I vividly remember thinking, “I want to do that.”

I was like 4 years old haha.Also, one night when I was about 9 years old, my cousin introduced me to the app Also, one night when I was about 9 years old, my cousin introduced me to the app “garageband” on his laptop, and I just haven’t stopped being obsessed with making music since then.

Not to sound cliche or anything, but it genuinely feels so natural and therapeutic for me to write and make music; sometimes it feels as if I was made to do it. I love it so much.

TC: What/who inspires you the most? 

STRUBLE: I find inspiration in a lot of things.

I love to hike, and I often finish a good hike feeling inspired. Nature inspires me greatly, and so do kind words and good movies.

In terms of other artists, Here is a list of a FEW artists that inspire me to create:

The Beatles, Talking Heads, Mac Demarco, Wes Anderson, Conor Oberst, Bon Iver, Jesus.

TC: What do you see for your future? What are your hopes and ambitions?

STRUBBLE: The ultimate dream: to make stuff freely and make a living from it. I’d love to find a career path that allows me to continue to be actively creative. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop making music, so it’d be great if that could be my means of paycheck as well haha. That’s always been a dream of mine to go on tour.

I’d also absolutely love to create documentaries.

TC: When writing a song and/or producing music. What comes to mind? Is there a reason for it?

STRUBLE: When I write, I feel like I am releasing something that is trapped inside of me-- like I said, writing music is extremely therapeutic for me. I write songs really fast, and sometimes I don’t even know what it’s about until a few days later. Most of my lyrics tend to be closely tied to personal happenings and common emotions. Lyrically, lately I’ve been uncontrollably writing about growing up and some insecurities-- I guess that’s just what’s on my mind right now.

TC: What’s a piece of advice you’d give to other teen musicians?

STRUBLE: Keep creating stuff that reflects you !!!

I so easily get caught up in trends, and feel like I have to be like “that band” or “that artist”, and I just end up unsatisfied, and truthfully just wasting my time trying to be someone I’m not. So instead of trying to be someone else, just be you and make what you make.

One of my best friends told me this once, and it changed my heart:

“It's not about what you do, it's about who you are. And who you are in enough.”

I can never be reminded of that enough.

TC: Tell us about your new album what can people expect to hear?

STRUBLE: So, for me, the process of making an album is extremely long, yet humbling. I’ve been writing this album for a long time. I write, record, produce, and mix all of my music in my bedroom alone. What I have for this album so far is extremely diverse, fun, danceable at times, and honest. I genuinely spend 90% of the time that I’m awake dreaming and working on it, and I am so excited to eventually share it with the world!!! (It’ll maybe be out this summer. You didn’t hear that from me ;)

TC: What impact or message would you like to make/spread with your music?

STRUBLE: I think it is so extremely magical that music has the power to make people feel things.

Songs can make people dance, cry, remember a specific moment, laugh-- the list is endless.

For Dayglow, right now, my goal is just to get people to have fun, take things lightly, be themselves, and have a dance party-- with other people or even just their mirror. Either works.

Make sure to check out Dayglow’s newest single Can I call you tonight out TONIGHT.


Dayglow will also be releasing their album sometime this year and you WON’T want to miss out on that!

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