Exclusive interview with Dayglow at Bleached Fest

by Kaitlyn Edwards

Bleached Festival debuted this year, and with it came an incredible performance by the band Dayglow.

The downtown San Diego event took place Aug. 5-6 at Waterfront Park. Among the talent was Joji, Leon Bridges, Omar Apollo and dozens of other big names in alternative, R&B and indie-pop music.

Sloan Struble, the founder and face behind Dayglow, kicked off the inaugural festival with a show on day one. The dreamy indie-pop singer-songwriter skyrocketed into popularity between the release of his debut album, “Fuzzybrain,” to his latest album, “People In Motion.” Fans couldn’t wait for his appearance at Bleached Festival.

As Struble came out of a power nap and prepared to take the downstage at Bleached Festival, UNIA was able to ask him about his fashion, favorite shows, and home state, Texas.

UNIA: How are you feeling?

DAYGLOW: Feeling excited! I love San Diego because I love being by the water. Very excited to be here.

U: What has been your favorite show you’ve played, or at least one you can recollect?

D: Honestly, our recent San Diego show was really good. We played at SOMA on our last tour, which was really fun! I love West Coast energy altogether, but San Diego specifically has a little bit more of a rowdy crowd, which is appreciative.

U: What’s the biggest difference between Texas and California?

D: I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, and went to school in Austin, but I don’t have any roots anywhere, so there’s no feeling of like a hometown show that people probably get. I’m a man of the world! Whoever will take me, I’ll play for them.

U: Is there a dream place you’d play?

D: Last year in Australia. I love Australian music, shoutout Jumbo Giants. And I’ve always wanted to play a show in Brazil or South America.

U: Your style is very retro! How does that affect your day-to-day fits?

D: Organically, I love ’70s or ’80s music. It’s not like I’m anti-modern fashion, but I lean more toward older clothes — it feels more like myself! Not in an Elton John way, but just normal stuff. The music was more exciting and people took risks!

U: Any older artist who you’d like to collaborate with?

D: Michael McDonald! I’d love to hear his voice in person. He has a power to him. It’d be cool to be in the studio with him.

U: Who is a dream artist you’d like to open with?

D: Harry Styles! I need to track that guy down.

U: Do you miss home, back in Austin?

D: I’m still in Austin! But it’s starting to feel like LA. All the Californians moving to Texas haha. I just make music in my room so I’m not affected much by the environment. I make stuff anywhere.

You can expect new music next year from Dayglow, so be on the lookout for updates and new projects coming soon! Stay connected with everything Dayglow on Instagram