On Saturday after the band Baird exits the stage after a chill and vibey performance. The crowd starts to get excited about singer songwriter Dominic Fike’s upcoming performance. Dominic Fike began releasing music In 2017, but rose in popularity this past year due to the role of ‘Elliot’ in the HBO show euphoria.

The Houston stop of the Out of Order Tour was completely sold out and White oak music hall downstairs (which is their biggest indoor room) was filled side to side. I’ve seen the artist perform earlier this year at USC’s spring fest for students and guest. After that show, u started to get more into Dominic’s music and was even more excited to see him this time around.

The show was starting and the crowd went wild Ofcorse. Dominic walks onto the stage and starts the show with ‘Westcoast’ off his 2018 EP ‘baby doll’ which is a personal favorite.

The rest of the night was Electric. Dominic played songs such as Joe Blazey, Skeleton milkshake, vampire and his viral hit 3 nights. It was such a cool show and it made me really happy to see Dominic as passionate as ever on stage.

Above the stage was a huge mirror that covered the entire scene and was perfect for that front row selfie mirror, but as simple as it was, I loved how it matched the energy and created a bigger than life atmosphere that the music, production, and stage presence amplified!

Lastly, Dominic came out for an encore where he played ‘Phone numbers’. which he Ofcorse slayed. His partner Hunter Schafer supporting him from the left wing of the stage was also the cutest thing I’ve seen. Dominic will continue his tour for the rest of the fall/winter so make sure to check it out if you get a chance!