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Whether you have a passion for music or art, it’s now the time to take the first step towards building your future. It probably won’t come easy for most, but that should only encourage you to try harder and stay on top of the game. Here are my top 5 tips on building your passion.

1. Find your style ( experiment with all sorts of things and see what screams YOU)

2. Reach out to others (find friends with the same passion)

3. practice your craft ( it’s cliche but, practice really helps you improve)

4. Don’t take no for answer ( email brands, and start making that coin!! You will probably get rejected but just move onto the next)

5. Work harder. (Stay consistent and think about what’s next)

Eighteen year old Sara King started posting covers on YouTube in 2014. She now has a following of over 165,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 18,800+ on Instagram. Her girly glittery (with a twist of vintage) style keeps the audience wanting more. Sara has said her next EP will be a bit more r&b as she’s an artist wanting to explore more than one style.

King has performed in several cities including the young love concert in San Francisco. She also opened for Conan gray in Dallas Texas where she is currently based.

“I was inspired by the entire music industry as a whole because that's what i saw myself doing in life.” - Sara king

What does taking initiative mean to you?

Getting yourself to push past your “dreams” and making it into a reality. - Natalia Seth


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To initiate is to begin. For our first digital issue let’s start with getting to know the people that started to take initiative in their hobbies and turned them into something much more. Let’s meet the teens that are shaping today’s community and opening new doors for others wanting to grow.


Natalia Seth started creating at age 13 by using her moms iphone 4 and some basic editing apps. The eighteen year old is always on the hunt to learn more tricks and improve her skill set. “I love what I do and the feeling that I get from creating is the most rewarding thing ever” says Seth.

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TC: What would you like others to know about you and your work?

SETH : I am very colorful human being who loves being a living meme🌈🌞

As for my work, My images are almost exact replicas of my dreams. A lot of my ideas comes in that stage where you’re about to fall asleep but are still conscious🌀

Seth has had the opportunity to work with adobe and attend their max conference in LA, plus all the other companies she’s worked with over the past 4 years. These companies have noticed her for her “magic surrealism” style.

eighteen year old Alex Gowan has changed the Instagram game. After starting photography on Instagram a little less than a year ago, he’s created a vintage/ high fashion style that attracted 43,000+ to his account. Gowon utilizes photography as a creative outlet. “taking photos and creating concepts really just keeps me going honestly.”Alex says.