‘Just Because,’ an exploration and journey to adulthood by Claire Rosinkranz

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What does it mean to a young adult today? Claire Rosinkranz, the California native singer who signed with Republic Records at just 16 years old, encapsulates the lows and highs of navigating the journey of growing up with her bright yet angsty, groovy debut album "Just Because," which released on Oct. 6.

“Just Because” is a coming-of-age album that relates to her experience as a 18-year-old, a time capsule of the highs and lows of navigating the bridge between teenage and adulthood.

"This whole entire album... it's very like...I guess coming of age, just carefree, growing up, free spirit," the indie pop singer said in a recent press conference organized by 1824.

Rosinkranz described each song from her 13-track album as representing "little sections of my brain." In a constantly changing and fast-paced music industry, it can be difficult to distinguish as an artist; however, Rosinkranz believes her music is unique by being very personal and very much herself.

"I'm very connected and wrapped up in everything that I'm writing about, and I feel everything very heavily, and I think that comes through my music," she said.

“Swinging at the Stars” is a track the singer especially feels deeply about as she describes it as a song that "feels it all" with a mix of fun, carefree, sad and heartbreak elements. With a playful, upbeat tempo, “Swinging at the Stars” is a fresh track about the innocence of young love often seen in rom-coms. Singing about star gazing and cuddling in the arms of someone you love, it's a playful dynamic tune that will make you sing along.

Having accumulated over 1 billion streams with her hit song "Backyard Boy" in 2020, Rosinkranz is known for her bright and refreshing tone. Rosinkranz was hugely inspired by her parents growing up in a musical household, where she and her dad would make music together.

"Just Because" is a cheeky yet sensible album that authentically encapsulates the growing pains and joy of maturing as if we're experiencing it with Rosinkranz.

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