Kimberly lee:

taking on Hollywood with films & fashion

October 2, 2021 • photos, fashion

interview by Alexsey Reyes

It’s a bit difficult to describe Kimberly Lee in just one sentence. The multitalented 23 year old uses her passion for film making, fashion, and pushing diversity to create across all sorts of mediums. Unia wanted to find out more about the San Diego based creative and her thoughts on the entertainment industry. More specifically what she’s doing to challenge conversations on the industries secretive and competitive ways.

U: When did you become interested in fashion, how has that interest developed?

Kimberly: I’ve always been interested in clothes my whole life I just love and am always drawn to pretty things. I’ve have a lot of peaks and valleys when it came to prioritizing fashion the first being when I went into high school and went from wearing only black to an array of floral patterns. Then the second revamp of my love of fashion came when I studied abroad in London the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college being truly inspired by the street style and also PAQ on YouTube I gained a new sense of independence and confidence in myself realizing I could truly express my individuality through vintage clothing.

U: What are the most important elements?

Kimberly: I’m definitely a color and pattern type of girl and, middle school Kim would literally be so shocked by that statement. But I love a eye catching piece in every outfit whether that be a vintage button down with horses all over it or bold colored midi skirt. Usually I start with one item that is speaking to me that day and then work from there. But if I’m ever feeling like a comfy day I grab the loosest things in my closet because we all have those days where we just need to be absolutely comfortable all around but it doesn’t mean we can’t look cute.

from the feed:

U: Your podcast Our Hollywood, tell us about it! What made you decide to start it and who’s involved?

Kimberly: Yes!! My literal baby. Basically our podcast is meant to talk about challenging and important topics regarding the entertainment industry hopefully to inspire change and also show perspective from people that love and/or work in film and television. Daniel, my co-host, and I are aspiring filmmakers and the entertainment industry has a reputation to be very competitive and secretive which can be really daunting to people like us who have virtually no connection to anyone within the industry already. So to combat that we wanted to create a space where we can highlight other aspiring filmmakers and also people within the industry to come talk about a topic they’re passionate about whether it be to highlight accomplishments already made within the industry or call for more change.

U: What are some insta accounts that inspire you?

Kimberly: @chloe.felopulos @m4rkcu1p @thatcurlytop @jen4romtheblock

U: Shop Howdy Angel. Tell us a bit about it and what your goals and ambitions. What are you planning to do with it in the future?

Kimberly: Along with a lot of people the pandemic put a wrench in my plans post graduation. So once I was back in my home bedroom and done sulking I was like okay, I need to get it together and make some money. I was about three months into TikTok and had gained a micro following and a lot of people were asking me if I had a depop to sell clothes. At that time in the pandemic I wasn’t completely comfortable working in food or retail and the film industry was just figuring out how to run sets. So I decided to set up an Instagram to sell clothes from my closet to clear out some room and it just grew from that to doing style bundles to selling in person and that was what my happy medium was. I was able to do everything on my time and my terms which is what I needed for this time. I’m currently looking to start a women’s market in San Diego and eventually expanding that once it grows, there are a few markets in SD but I felt like there’s still room to have a Gen Z focused market that prioritizes women, queer, and poc communities.