“ made a post ”

photo series by alexsey reyes

starring Aizen, Camille, and slayden

Growing up in the digital age of vulnerability. Young people typically depend on social media for validation. We allow numbers and comments to determine how we value each other and ourselves as humans, which can often lead to mental and emotional challenges. This photo series is about the stages of social media from my perspective and how they can affect the way we view people when at the end of the day. There are regular people behind each screen that are more than than their online personas.

“putting yourself out there”

Having the confidence to put yourself on the Internet is brave as it is. Now, it can be hard when others feel the need to pick on every little thing about you. From your appearance to the way you just are. It can be scary. There’s also a bright side. Being yourself can bring a community that loves you for who you are. They point out the things that make you amazing.

“The feedback, Reality behind the screen”

social media rarely reflects who someone really is in person. However the feedback you receive online can influence your day. This can be positive or negative. Take those positives and cherish them. The negatives will feel personal at first, but they’re not. They are temporary. Remember that what you read and see is not 100% accurate.

“Burnout: I’ll be back soon”

it’s crazy to think how numbers and comments determine how we value each other. When these numbers go down we feel unmotivated and burnt out. Taking breaks are important to recharge your creativity and well being. There shouldn’t be pressure to always have the camera on you, take a step back for your health.

Social media is not everything. It’s never that deep because at the end we’re all just trying to figure it out.