photo by @chiap3ts


Nikai Miller is a producer, singer/songwriter, and rapper based out of Los Angeles California. He began making music because it uplifted him during the darkest times. “I also carried on the passion for music from my father as well.” Miller says.

We asked Miller about his music and the release of his debut single “poppin’” which comes out today!

TC: What is Poppin’ about?

MILLER: This will be my first release! Poppin’ is a manifestation song. In the past, I’ve constantly allowed others and the media to dictate how I should look and feel about my appearance.

I honestly don’t feel as “poppin” as I say in the song. But, I’m working on having consistent confidence and eventually I want to be able to listen to my song one day and truly feel that way. My hope is that my song can help others if needed in the same way.

photo by @chiap3ts / edit by @y_gii @riipford

TC: Who are some of your favorite artists or inspirations?

MILLER: Some of my favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, Childish Gambino, and Daft Punk. My main inspirations are The Neptunes/Pharell Williams, Kanye, and Tyler, The Creator.

TC: Is there a message you’d like to share through your music?

MILLER: Yes! To be unapologetically yourself and to share my experiences, energy, and messages to the world.


Poppin’ is officially out starting today!