Photographed by Houston Tackett

in Austin TX 10/30/23

black and white photo of a man playing an acoustic guitar

Although Dean Lewis’s songs may be sad, seeing him live in Austin, Texas was anything but that. The entire night was electric from the moment the opener, Sara Kays, took the stage to the encore Dean Lewis played when all was said and done. It was a cold night in Austin, but the crowd surged with warmth and positivity that bled off from the stage. Dean Lewis blew all my expectations out of the water; running around the stage and even into the crowd at certain points. He made a point to make every single person in the crowd feel seen whether it be by pointing and making heart hands into the audience, or throwing guitar picks deep into the pit.

It was such an honor to photograph Dean Lewis. Getting to see how his music impacted the crowd and how much it meant to them was special. There were tears, laughter, and joy radiating from the audience. The ability for music to touch people is hard to put into words, but it is one of the most special things about being human. Getting to see the crowd sing the words back to Dean Lewis was incredible and something I won’t soon forget.

a man holding an acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone
a black and white photo of a man on stage with a cell phone
a man holding an acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone
the cover of dean lewis's new album