Takes Texas: on the desvelado tour 2022


Hearing the debut

album ‘Ivory’ live ⚡️


portrait by gem hale

Music photos by Alexsey Reyes

Backstage shot by

Gem Hales

Oscar Santander and Omar Velasco shredding on the guitar. Oscar and Omar have co produced a few songs together on “Apolonio, Apollo’s 2nd EP project. Songs include “useless” and “Two of us” which have been widely streamed and even used in Netflix shows like “on my block”

Fans surprise omar during his song “Petrified” off his Debut Album Ivory. The song is definitely very heartfelt and pulls on the heartstrings a bit. Omar sheds a few tears on stage during the song as he feels the love from the crowd.

Jake Hicks, who is one of Omar’s closest friends him with a male stripper after the first song. He comes out with a wad of cash and stars throwing it at the crowd. Jessica, a fan in attendance, got $60 from just catching the cash that flew hee direction. The room lights up and chants as “Birthday Bitch” by Trap Beckham plays through the venue speakers.

captured at the Dallas Texas House of Blues