TC: What are you looking forward to for 2020? (Maybe some live shows? More music?)

MOON: As of currently I haven’t really booked any live shows because of my inexperience and unknown status within the music industry but I do hope to do some in the future as I gain some popularity and confidence.

Aside from performing I am looking forward to releasing 2 new singles that will both be out sometime before the summer hits hopefully. They are called Mistakes and Sandbox and I really like the way they are turning out.

TC: What initially drew you to music and why do you continue to create?

MOON: I’ve always been interested in music ever since I can remember. I have been told countless stories from my parents and relatives about how I paraded around proclaiming that I wanted to be famous and go on American Idol when I got older (fun fact I did try out once but I didn’t make it past the first round of screening because they said I wasn’t confident enough). Throughout my childhood I took both piano, guitar, and even saxophone lessons but I never really practiced so not much actually stuck with me. It really wasn’t until the end of middle school and highschool when I began to really think seriously about having a possible career in music or entertainment in general. Part of this was because I had gotten into kpop and I became inspired by other asian artists that were “making it big.” Although I started really wanting to create music, I had virtually no experience, so over the course of the next four years of highschool I experimented using FL Studio and getting a grasp of the program. On a side note, this was also about the time I started getting into another hobby of mine, which is photography and videography (mainly video). This led to me finally creating a cover of the song called It’s You by HENRY (a kpop star) my senior year. With this cover it allowed me to meet the friends that I now create music with. We formed a “label” or group that we call Greenville and there are three of us, with me included. With the group now together we created music together for about a year prior to me releasing my first piece of music (which is small town).

The reason I create music is mostly because I enjoy doing it and I feel like I wouldn’t really be myself if I didn’t have music in my life. Music has been a way for me, aside from drawing, painting, or photography to express the feelings I really don’t have the confidence to talk about otherwise. Another reason I really enjoy and want to make music is because growing up, I never had an asian artist I could look up to so it was hard to believe that I could become one. I really want to become someone other people of color could identify with and look up to. Although I want to be an inspiration to POC specifically, I want to make music that anyone around the world could identify with and relate to. I want people to know a bit about my life while also knowing that they aren’t the only people that feel a certain way.

Scott moon is a 21 year old graphic design student and Musician based out of Dallas Fort Worth area.”I am full Vietnamese and a second generation american whose parents came over during the Vietnam War.”- Scott moon

TC: Name some artist that inspire you.

MOON: A few of the artists that inspire me would be BENEE, Conan Gray, Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, Dominic Fike, and John Mayer. These artists inspire me because of the way their music is unique and has a lot of different textures that poke out in their music. Their music also inspires me because of the structure of the songs and how complex each song actually is.

Also some other artists that inspire me more because of the things they’ve done are Rich Brian, Joji, and BTS. They have made a lot of achievements in the past few years that are really inspiring to an asian kid like me lol.


TC: You just released “small town”, your first full length album. What’s it about and how long have you been working on it?

MOON: Small Town was in the works on and off from about August of 2019 to about January of 2020. The songs themselves were written in the span of about a month and a half but the rest of the time was spent on re-recording and essentially cleaning everything up. I worked on it with the producer of Greenville, my friend Mazin who is credited in the credits of Small Town (My real name is also in the credits but I’d rather go by my artist name lol).

Small Town itself is sort of like the story of how I’ve felt for the past 21 years of my life. More than friends starts off as the beginning of the story with its innocent and happy love story vibes (like a first love). Game Over is the next song on the tracklist and is about a terrible break up, much like how it feels when you lose love for the first time. The next song Villain is about trying to get over the reasons for the breakup and trying to believe in yourself again (basically not blaming yourself for what happened or not being the villain). It also serves as a transition in the music as well as the story. Love Song is the next song and is about falling in love (for me this was falling again but for other people who hear this song they could relate this to their first love). Smalltown and Grownups go hand in hand and kind of convey my stigmas about growing up in a semi sheltered environment ( I went to a relatively small private school from Pre-K to 8th grade). Smalltown talks about being stuck in a small town and feeling as though you don’t really have the potential or even the chance of going anywhere other than there. This song stems from my fear of not being able to make it in music and forever being that person who was trapped at the place where they started. Grownups is about more of the fear of having to deal with reality or in other words, growing up and becoming an adult. These last two songs hold a special place in my heart because they talk about some of the biggest fears I have as an artist and as someone who is still trying to figure out what is the next step in their life.

My favorite song off of Small Town would have to be Game Over. It was the song I had the most fun writing and I think it is the catchiest song off of the EP. It is also the song I think that is the most complete in the sense that it is the closest to the vision I have for the music I want to make in the future.

TC: Top 3 favorite anime shows??? GO!

This was a really tough question to answer because I’m a super avid anime fan! I couldn’t choose a top 3 so my top 5 would have to be Wagnaria!!!, HunterXHunter, Magi (including the Sinbad spinoff), Gurren Lagann, and Log Horizon. These are not in any specific order.

As a bonus some of my current favorites are Demon Slayer, Danmachi, Bofuri.

TC: I found your work through tiktok! How has your music audience been impacted since starting to post if any?

MOON: My audience has grown significantly because of tiktok! I am still only at around 5000 followers but the amount of people who have gone and listened to my music has been outstanding! As of the time I am writing this, I have around 6.8K streams on Spotify alone for the whole EP. I am really grateful and blessed that so many people can identify with my music and enjoy listening to it. Hearing the words of encouragement that they’ve given me has made me really happy and make me believe that I really want to continue making music in the future.