Unia is always open for submissions/on-site features. We’re looking for pitches and pre-made works of writing, photography and visual art that challenge social norms, critique mainstream aesthetics, and depict and make visible the experiences and voices of GEN Z BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, femme, gender nonconforming and non-binary people and communities. We’re interested in the ways we can upcycle and transform ideas, art and practices from the past to build and guarantee a better future for GEN Z.

All submissions should be made through Google form . Make sure to read the criteria below to see if your submission meets our guidelines.

For pitches, send us an email at [email protected] In your email’s subject line, please write “PITCH: [Your Name]”.

Writing pitches should clearly state the format and topic of your submission, including a summary of your idea (i.e. the issues, themes, ideas and/or emotions you’re itching to write about), any important links and finally, why your submission should be published on UNIA specifically. Our best advice? Keep it short and sweet!

Visual pitches, encompassing any artwork and photography, should clearly state the format and medium (painting, digital illustration, comics, film photography, etc.), a summary of your idea, why your submission should be published on UNIA specifically, and for extra points: a mood board—which can take form in a Pinterest board or an image collating images of several other things—that conveys the style you are pursuing, your inspirations and influences for the work.

submission text template by sunstrokemagazine