VIDCON IS FINALLY BACK!!! Here’s what our creators are thinking.

The famous video convention amongst content creators and the social media entertainment industry is back! VidCon US 2022 will mark the event's return to Anaheim after celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019. With a new head sponsor from Tiktok, and the rise of tiktok since the last time Vidcon US was held. It’s going to be full of surprises!

Today we talked with 2 featured creators attending the convention for the first time to get their thoughts about what you can expect from them during the weekend. More specifically we wanted to hear from our Hispanic community on the importance of vidcon for them. We have Alexia Delvalle and Jhonny Morales to tell us about their perspective.

1. What are you feeling as a first time featured creator!!! Congratulations, this is a huge milestone as a creator.

I remember dreaming of going to vidcon when I was in high school, back in like 2014 when I was into a bunch of viners and YouTubers. If you would’ve told me then that years down the road I would be an invited guest, I wouldn’t believe you. I still can’t believe it honestly, I’m still in complete shock. What a dream for young me, to be on the other side as a creator it’s truly amazing. I feel really excited and grateful to be able to rep my community and have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people!

2. tell me more about your Panel and what you’re excited to see!

I’m really excited for my panel with Hunter Prosper! I think it’s such a cool concept bringing together an unlikely group of tik tokers and having them share their stories. It’s super exciting and to do it with other creators I admire make it’s even cooler! I’m also really excited for all the Spotify events! Spotify definitely knows how to throw a party!!🫣

U: What do you expect to see at the convention as a first timer aswell?

1. One thing I am excited about VIDCON this year is getting to connect with other creators from around the world who will also be attending this year! It’s encouraging to think about the fact that people’s passions for story-telling and creating content is uniting us in person together. This is my first time attending VIDCON, but I already know it’s going to be full of opportunity and memories for the books!

U: Your panel! Tell us about why it’s important to you.

2. As the conversations unfold this week during the panels, I hope to encourage the audience to evaluate their identity by asking themselves, “does my identity lead with love?”. Without loving one another, our differences in culture and background will ultimately divide us. With love at the forefront, we can do great things, together.